Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Northwest Quilters Guild

I had the pleasure of presenting at the Northwest Quilters Guild in Portland last night!

 My daughter met me for dinner then she came to the meeting! My good friend Michelle from Portland came as well. Debby Dodds, How did I not get a photo of us together?! Debby has done the past 2 large quiltalongs and we have emailed frequently. Only recently did I realize she lived in the Portland area! I got to meet her last night and she has joined this guild so will get to know many new quiltmakers!
 It was a full house.
 I always start with my first quilt- the one that got me hooked!
 And my second quilt- the one that taught me I can do sharp points if I want them. 

 I'd love to lecture and/ or do a workshop at your guild meeting. Please contact me for more information. Thank you Northwest Quilters for the warm welcome!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pillowcase Dresses for Colombia

For those of you that have been around for awhile you know I've taken pillowcase dresses with me to South America the past 2 years.  In February I'll be going to Colombia and want to take more dresses with me.
Here is my first one. I hope you'll join me in making one, two or even more.
I deliver them personally and most get put on the girls by me or the team members I'm with.
It's a great way to use up some stash!

I will never forget this little girl.

I've posted several patterns HERE. 
I like Nancy's Notions Pattern for the dresses. 

If you would like to see what I'll be doing and possibly donate to the cause you can go to Mike Silva International HERE. We will be going to Cartegena and serving the poorest of poor, bringing hope, life saving water wells and a huge festival. If you would like to donate on my behalf, please go HERE and know that your donation is 100% tax deductible. Please choose Colombia Serve team and type in my name- Lori DeJarnatt.  Thank you so much for your consideration! Any amounts given above and beyond go to the water well project.

Love you all! Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Quiltworks Special Exhibit

Quiltworks did not have a First Friday (she is contemplating discontinuing- boohoo) but they have a great exhibit upstairs.  The 3rd and 4th photo down tells you about it, but I really wanted to start with my favorite of the exhibit. It is called And/Or and is part of the Urban PDX (PDX is Portland, Oregon)  exhibit.

When my kids were young and I home schooled we went to Portland frequently to see musicals, plays, museums and parks. When we took custody of my niece and 2 nephews, my daughter moved to Portland instead of San Diego so she could be closer and help out. I love Portland! (Of course, I do not love everything about it) 

This awesome quilt kept my eyes moving from one detail to the next. Love! Love! Love!

The first apartment my daughter moved to overlooked the train station and this tower. It's iconic!

This was done by the same maker as the And/Or. 

I think I'm falling for these modern quilts more and more!

Here's my Instagram for the week- not much new! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Northwest Quilters Guild Lecture

Goodness gracious! Y'all may have thought I fell off the face of the earth....... I really am still here!
The relay was epic and I survived.... and somewhat recovered. You can read about the madness HERE.

But for now, 

If you are in the area I'd love to invite you to the Northwest Quilters Guild
meeting next Monday evening at 7PM. I'll be presenting my lecture "10 Reasons I Quilt" I'll be bringing lots of quilts to share!

The location is
Immanuel Lutheran Church
7810 SE 15th Avenue
Portland, OR

If you are looking for program lectures or workshops for 2018 please contact me. I'd love to have a chat!
I'll be in Sunriver in September, Victoria, TX in April, and Redmond, Oregon, date to be determined.

Time to pack up the quilts! Whoop! Whoop!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Garment Making Again!

If you were a blog reader last year you know I had to make 2 garments for Houston. The education staff wears the same line on a particular day.  (not always the same fabric and 
certainly not the same clothing pattern)
After seeing the beautiful garments last year I thought I better step up my game this year!
This is the piece of fabric I chose. It's Menagerie, by Rifle paper,  from Cotton + Steel. 

I put it in the wash so it would be ready when the tunic pattern arrives.

 Aargh! Apparently it had a sticker on it that I didn't see.  I scraped as much off as possible then hand washed the area with Joy dish soap.
 Ta-Da! Ready to go!

 I was less happy with our second choice. It is Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. First off, I'm not a fan of Halloween and secondly I think this could make a darling bag or decor, but a garment?  Well, I was stressing about what kind of garment to make, then I realized that life is too short to stress!
So, I chose the less ghastly and unless someone can give me a great idea of a garment, I'll make a cute little half apron and call it good!

Here's my instagram for this past week. 

I'm off again until next week. I'm one of 12 people running a 216 mile relay! It's going to be a scorcher!!



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